Let nature take over

The way you understand monetization and the impact of monetization efforts has a direct impact on the way you go about optimizing your game. You don’t make players spend. You capitalize on an existing level of enthusiasm and engagement that exists among your players. That in turn means that when you are trying to improve your monetization, your main task should be to identify and recreate the situations that are the most conducive to spending.

Monetization in Fortnite: selling structure and purpose

This post provides a breakdown of Fortnite and the way it monetizes. Fortnite’s Battle Pass and season model is a great way to monetize exclusivity via engagement. And in the case of Fortnite, what makes the Battle Pass especially appealing is not the fact that it rewards players with cosmetic items. It’s that the Battle Pass provides challenges throughout the season – and that provides users with longer-term goals that go beyond the match being played.

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