Alexandre Macmillan, PhD

I’m a sociologist of technology and culture by training. I have been working at the cross of data analytics and product management in mobile games since 2014. In the course of my experience in mobile games, I’ve also been keenly interested in the ways big data can help the decision and design process.

My PhD and following academic work focused on the way communication technology has contributed to different modes of socialization and cultural frameworks. Working with big data in mobile gaming has been a unique opportunity for me to conduct applied social research on a daily basis.

This blog is the opportunity for me to nerd out, bridge the gap between academia and industry, and share some of my insights on mobile games (and hopefully have those insights enriched and challenged)


Some key topics that interest me and that I discuss in this blog are:

  • What are some key behavior patterns that can be found across most mobile games?
  • How can you leverage some of these common behaviors to design a better product?
  • What are some of the trends in the mobile market?
  • How does big data and the increased production of knowledge impact game making and larger organizational processes?
  • Little SQL tricks I’ve found fun and useful


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